Immigration Services

Ms. Bhardwaj’s immigration attorney services include the following:

  • Family-based petitions & Family Immigration Services
  • Adjustment applications / I-485 Applications
  • Permanent Residency Applications & Green Card Renewal
  • Naturalization/ Applying for US Citizenship
  • Investment Visa (treaty/trader status) / EB-5 Visa
  • Professional Working Visas (H-1B Visa)
  • Intra-company transferees (L-1 Visa)
  • Labor Certifications (PERM Applications)
  • Student Visas (F1 Visas) & Visitors Visas (B2 Visas)
  • Consular processing
  • Special procedures for outstanding aliens (researchers, scientists, extraordinary workers,
    professors) EB-1 Visas
  • Multinational Executive Petitions / EB-1C Visas
  • Trade Visas / NAFTA TN Visa
  • Petitions for Nurses / Skilled Worker EB-2 & EB-3 Visas
  • Entertainment/Artist Visas / P-1 & O-1 Visas
  • Immigration-related employment issues
  • Filing and preparation of Appeals before the Department of Justice and State
  • Religious Worker Petitions / R-1 Visas


Learn More About Our Immigration Attorney Services

U.S. Immigration Attorney ServicesAs an immigrant herself, Neelam Bhardwaj is highly experienced in the area of immigration law. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact our office today!


To learn about other immigration attorney services we offer, please visit our immigration law blog.

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