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The Immigration Law Offices of Neelam Bhardwaj PLLC represents corporate immigration clients with H-1B visas and other employment-based immigration services and individual immigration clients in both the complex and routine areas of Immigration and Nationality law. Her clients have included major corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, and individuals. Ms. Bhardwaj is an immigration lawyer in Greensboro, North Carolina, and while she represents many businesses and individuals in North Carolina she has immigration clients from all over the United States and abroad


Ms. Bhardwaj, (an immigrant of North Indian descent who has lived in Africa and Europe), has practiced immigration law since 1993. As an immigration attorney, her firm has effectively represented thousands of clients from all over the world, and she has handled business and employment related immigration issues on behalf of major corporations and their employees. She has extensive knowledge and experience in immigration procedures and legislation and regularly interacts with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, (USCIS) the Justice Department, Department of Labor and Department of State. She is dedicated to providing legal immigration services in a cost efficient manner. She practices immigration law exclusively and keeps current with this constantly changing complex field of law. She has also provided legal representation for clients engaged in research fields; scientific, industrial, manufacturing, financial, engineering, information technology and medical disciplines.

If you are seeking an immigrant visa, a nonimmigrant visa, family sponsorship assistance in becoming a US citizen through naturalization, employment based immigration, or family based immigration, Attorney Neelam Bhardwaj will effectively and efficiently assist you. Providing you with individualized legal services โ€“ ensuring your particular case is thoroughly explained, and handled with her utmost expertise and care. She has over 25 years of experience and many satisfied clients.  As an immigrant herself, she completely understands how stressful and complicated immigration laws can be to apply and interpret. This unique understanding sets her apart from other immigration law firms.

Our firm will assist you in filling and obtaining your green card, lawful permanent resident status; applying  for all employment based work visas,  including H-1B, O and L (intra company transferee) visas, a student visa (F), visitors visas (B-1, B-2) any change of status, all family based applications, all relative petitions, fiancé visa applications, K-3, K-4, consular processing, sibling applications sponsorship of parents, naturalization applications, citizenship appeals, TN visas (Trade NAFTA), labor certifications (PERM applications). We can assist with special procedures for qualifying aliens as outstanding professionals in the EB1 and EB2 categories (researchers, scientists, medical professionals: physicians, dentists, professors, extraordinary workers, artists, chefs). Ms. Bhardwaj has also assisted employers with I-9 compliance and related labor issues.

We will gladly assist you in the preparation of all immigration forms; like the naturalization application form, green card application forms, husband-wife spousal petitions etc. We can also assist you with the naturalization examination, questions and naturalization interview. Do you need to transfer, renew or extend your H-1B visa, do you need to “port” or move/transfer to another company/employer and wonder if your underlying immigration process can be transferred?  We can help you find the answers to these important questions.

If you need assistance or have any questions about how you can obtain your citizenship, green card, assist in a family members immigration , or if youโ€™re an employer and need to know how you can bring a foreign worker into the country, please contact our office at 336-834-3244 or e-mail

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