At the moment, immigration is a hot topic among politicians, which can lead to a lot of misinformation.  This blog post series is focused on clarifying the stance the White House and the President have and have said they will take on immigration.  In the next few months, any political talk or actions taken will have a large impact on immigration in Greensboro, NC and we want to ensure that you know what the issues are and what might happen in the future.  In this post, we will discuss border security one of the major immigration issues in the nation at the moment.


The Issue

People crossing the border has become an issue of national security, especially since 9/11.  The border between the USA and Mexico sees a lot of illegal traffic.  There is a lot of debate about what to do about the southern border, such as extend the wall or deploy army troops.  The border is a very politically charged issue, but the Department of Homeland Security estimates that roughly 40% of the undocumented population comes from overstayed temporary visas, meaning they legally entered the country and haven’t left.  The amount of people trying to cross the border has dropped over the past few years, from around 724,000 in 2008 to around 480,000 in 2014.  The border is still a large issue as the trek over it is very dangerous for anyone attempting to cross the border, intercountry organized crime is a threat to border communities, and the system is overflowing and overworked in dealing with detained illegal immigrants.


The Plan

To strengthen the border between Mexico and the USA, President Obama has proposed adding more agents along the border to put more boots on the ground.  Infrastructure would also be increased and updated along all borders to increase surveillance and security.  President Obama has also proposed to crack down on crime on both sides of the border by securing border towns and working with Mexico to stop organized criminal activity.  He has also proposed to help boost the Mexican economy by launching the High Level Economic Dialog proposed in 2013 as a way for both countries to work together to highlight problems and possible solutions on either side of the border.

This is just one immigration issue that is facing the nation and President Obama.  Read part one to learn more about undocumented immigrants and part three to learn about streamlining immigration.

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