If you’re new to this country, you know that the process of immigration and naturalization can be a long and arduous adventure. The moment of completion will certainly be a welcome occasion, and there are many tests you will need to pass in order to obtain the status of US citizenship. One such practice naturalization test will question your knowledge on civics. In this civics practice test, you’ll need to have a decent working knowledge of United States history and government.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires every prospective citizen to take this brief test in order to move onto the next point in the process. Although the actual test used to be available only in English, you can now take a practice naturalization test with Spanish subtitles. While the option of Spanish subtitles is available, certain individuals may be exempt from this choice because of time spent in this country and other exceptions. The obvious advantage to taking this test in your native language is the fact that you’ll be able to focus on the content of the question rather than taking the extra time to fumble through each word before responding.

While this test may sound like a whole lot to prepare for, you will only be asked ten multiple choice questions. However, these ten questions are chosen out of a series of one-hundred prepared questions, and you must answer six correctly in order to pass the actual test. The practice test contains twenty sample questions that will help you come better prepared for the real deal.

Although much of the test is based on history, the government portion of the practice naturalization test can be tricky because one question might be based on current events. For instance, the question might be geared toward an elected government position – in which case, there would be a new person in that seat every two or four years. For this reason, you’ll want to stay up-to-date on elections and the current political climate. That being said, staying well-informed and testing your knowledge on civic matters with a practice test can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend preparing for this next phase in the citizenship process.

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