Preparing for Your U.S. Citizenship Interview and Test

The better prepared you are for any test, the more likely you are to pass it. To help you study for your naturalization interview and citizenship test, we have provided a straightforward guide with links to all of the essential information you need to pass all portions of this all-important test. Our goal is to assist you in passing the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services test, so that you will be granted the full rights of a citizen of the United States of America.


The American Citizenship Interview

The U.S citizenship interview, also known as the naturalization eligibility interview, analyzes all elements of your eligibility to become a citizen of the United States. It is absolutely essential that you answer all questions honestly and provide support and documentation for each requirement, as any information you provide that cannot be verified, or contradicts previous information may render you ineligible for US citizenship.

If any details have changed from your USCIS application, you need to provide a clear explanation and documentation to support and explain those changes. During the interview, you will be placed under oath and required to discuss and demonstrate each the following items:


  1. Your background (where you came from and what brought you to the United States)


  1. Your USCIS application (you should have all information memorized so you can respond quickly and calmly)


  1. Evidence supporting your case (an immigration lawyer can help you with this important step)


  1. Your place of residence and length of time living there (provide documentation such as your lease and mail that you have received there)


  1. Your personal character (signed affidavits from employers and American citizens who know you well can be helpful)


  1. Your belief in and understanding and support of the Constitution (make sure you have a thorough understanding and knowledge of all the laws and amendments)


  1. Your willingness to take the Oath of Allegiance to the US


The United States Citizenship Test

The U.S citizenship test is actually given to you during your naturalization eligibility interview. It involves four parts:


  1. Reading English Test

You will be required to read aloud one out of three sentences correctly in order to demonstrate your ability to read in English. To study for this part of the test, you should review the Reading Vocabulary List and be able to read, use, and understand all of the words and phrases included.


  1. Writing English Test

In order to prepare for this part of the test, you should study the Writing Test Flashcards. You will need to write out one of three sentences read to you correctly in order to pass the test, so you will need to be able to recognize, spell, and understand all of the words and phrases provided.


  1. US Civics Test

For this part of the test, you need to study all 100 possible questions, formulating accurate, thorough responses to each one and studying them thoroughly. You will be asked up to 10 questions from the list, and you must be able to answer at least six of them in order to pass the test.


  1. Speaking English Test

Throughout the interview, the USCIS Officer will be assessing your ability to speak English clearly and coherently. To study for this portion of the test, you need to practice speaking in English until you are fluent, and you should focus on the discussing the answers to the questions from the Civics Test.


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