Business Immigration Lawyer

The Law Office of Neelam Bhardwaj is a focused expert business and corporate immigration law practice. We provide the legal assistance your business needs to ensure compliance with United States immigration law. We are the law practice that delivers customized legal assistance to your business for American immigration, including H1 Visas, H-2B Visas, L-1 Visas, and more.

If you have participated in any of the business immigration visa programs available in the US undoubtedly you have seen a change in the climate surrounding businesses and immigration. The rules regarding business immigration change regularly and it is important to work with an attorney who stays up to date on these changes and who is on your side to help navigate through the difficult process of business-related immigration.

Do not risk your business. Get the immigration law services you need with help from a leading corporate immigration lawyer in Greensboro NC.

Our Level Of Experience

Ms. Bhardwaj has been Chief Corporate Counsel to a Fortune 500 company in Greensboro, NC  with 7,000 employees worldwide and over $4 million in sales in the wireless semiconductor telecommunications business for 25 years. 

Ms. Bhardwaj and her dedicated team have personally represented several businesses and multinational corporations across North Carolina and the U.S. for 28 years plus. Her solid expertise is in employment based immigration law and she has successfully and ethically navigated this extremely complex area of laws for 28 years and has assisted companies in hiring/extending/transferring hundreds of key, professional workers on temporary nonimmigrant work visas (H, L, O) and filed labor certification applications (PERMS) followed by immigrant visa petitions (I-140s) in the first, second and third preference petition categories (EB1, EB2, EB3) resulting in permanent resident status (green cards/ adjustment of status applications). We have successfully filed detailed responses to RFEs (requests for additional evidence) and denials including Motions to Re-Open and Reconsider. We prioritize and provide concierge-level services- quality, custom work with attention to every detail. This approach has resulted in a record of approvals at 98%.

The types of applicants we have helped include: electronic and electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, material/ industrial engineers, Engineering Managers, Test Engineers, RF Design Engineers, and Application Engineers, Computer based professionals, Interior designers, Architects, Instructors, Teachers, Finance managers/analysts, Quality Control managers/analysts, Medical professionals.

We have state of the art cloud based immigration software and provide our clients access to immigration portals for alerts, to review their status/cases as well as generate individualized custom reports.

Our team of experts lead by Ms. Bhardwaj will help your company with all its immigration related issues allowing management and personnel time to focus on their business/work and not worry about their immigration status.

Securing Your Workforce

Our immigration law firm understands how important securing work visas is for the labor force that you need. Whether you are interested in temporary visa programs like the H1, H2B, or the L1 programs or another type of work visa program we have the expertise to ensure your business is in compliance with all the filings.

Employment law in the United States is very clear when it comes to work permits and legal status of every employee. Immigration laws are very stringent and upheld strictly. Proper employment authorization is mandatory for every single one of your employees. Immigration issues in the United States can lead to stiff penalties and fines for the corporate entity.

A corporate immigration lawyer can help to protect your business from being targeted by the Department of Homeland Security and immigration and customs enforcement (ICE). There are severe penalties in place for both illegal immigration and companies that hire undocumented immigrants. It is not a risk you want to take

Which Visa is Right for Your Business Needs?

Your first step in securing work permits for your employees starts with understanding the types of visas available to your company. At Law Offices of Neelam Bhardwaj, we can help you to decide which work visa is right for your needs. We can provide immigration advice based on extensive experience.

We can file for many types of visas including:

  • H-1B Visas for highly qualified workers with specialty skills that hold a Baccaulerate degree or higher.
  • Visas for specialists in their fields that are recognized as having an extraordinary ability.
  • H-2B Visas (nonimmigrant visas, temporary worker program) are for workers that are coming to the United States to fill a temporary work shortage. Typically used for seasonal labor type positions.
  • E-2 Treaty Investor Visa in cases where the investor has an interest in the company as a 50% owner of the business.
  • E-1 Treaty Trader is for individuals and businesses that are engaged in international trade with the US and investor country
  • H-1B Cap cases
  • H-1B change of employers
  • H-1B extension petitions
  • H-1B nonprofit/institution higher education(non-Cap cases)
  • H-1B RFEs (requests for additional evidence)
  • H-2A/B
  • L-1A/B initial and extensions
  • L- RFEs (requests for additional evidence)
  • O visas (extensions and RFEs)
  • TN (Trade NAFTA visas)
  • PERMs
  • PERM Audits
  • I-140s (EB1, EB2, EB3)
  • I-140 RFEs
  • I-140 (SII) successor-in-interestpetitions, due to company merger/acquisitions

    Many work-based visa programs have a cap on how many visas are issued. This “green card lottery” means that your business has to act fast to beat the cap. There is no room for error. Each delay can mean losing the opportunity to get the workforce that you need.

We have a solution for your employment-based immigration needs. When you team up with the Law Offices of Neelam Bhardwaj you get the focused immigration services you deserve to meet all your immigration needs.

The Immigration Process

Securing a work permit for an immigrant worker is a multi-step process. At the Law Offices of Neelam Bhardwaj, we have the experience and the skill set to navigate the process from consular processing to ensuring the right forms are filed with USCIS to help your workers get the work permit they need and avoid long delays.

Legal representation from an experienced immigration attorney can help to keep the process moving forward so that your workers can enter the United States with a green card, be lawful, and avoid the threat of deportation. Protecting your workers is protecting your business.

We Provide a Range of Immigration Legal Services

Our law firm provides a wide range of legal services focused on immigration law and working within the immigration system. From filing petitions to labor certification, to adjustment of status, to a complete turn-key approach to immigrant visa filings, we do it all.

We are here to provide advice, answer questions and manage your immigration needs completely. We keep our clients abreast of the latest immigration news, immigration policy changes to help them better prepare for changes.

Until there is positive immigration reform you can expect that the road to bring workers to the United States will be a bumpy road. A phone call to the Law Offices of Neelam Bhardwaj can help you get the work authorization that you need. Schedule a consultation today.

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