Testimonials for Our Immigration Lawyer

I am from Jordan. Sorry my story is long.…My husband Jack Harb has been a client of Ms. Neelam for many years now- since 1997.  She was the one who helped him become a U.S. citizen and after that he never went to see another immigration lawyer only her as he completely trusts her advice and judgment. I had entered without the proper visa through Canada in late 2000 to be with my husband. Neelam had told Jack several times to file an I-130 for me before April 2001, so I could have paid the fine and got my green card under 245(i) law.

Jack was so busy looking after me and his business (as I had cancer at that time and a young child to take care of) he never got around to filing the important papers.  When he did go back to see Ms. Neelam in 2003/2004 we knew we had missed the opportunity and we did file an I-130 through her office, it was approved but we did not pursue the waiver at that time even though my poor USC son since birth was very sick and in and out of Wake Forest hospital for his serious medical issues, having several surgeries and requiring medical attention every month. Ms. Neelam explained to us about filing the hardship waiver but I was just too scared to leave the US and wait in Jordon a year or more for the decision.

I was desperate to be legally in America and have green card. I had entered America illegally and lived there for 17 years without legal papers. In 2012 when President Obama allowed 601 waivers to be filed in the US Ms. Neelam again told Jack to file for me as we would have a very good case due to our son’s medical issues and other extreme hardships. I was scared  but finally in 2015 I gave in and we re-filed another I-130 petition first and then the hardship waiver, we sent Neelam boxes of medical information for our son & we got affidavits from all of the doctors and my daughter’s schools as she is in the early college program. Neelam and her office put together a very good detailed 601 waiver application for us. We were so surprised that it was approved in less than one month after we filed it!

I went to Jordan after 17 years of not seeing my family. Neelam did everything she could to help me to get it. In  the month of November 2015 I left America to Jordan to get a visa from the US embassy then I went back to my house and my husband and my children in America and then I got my residency in February 2016 . Thank God now for the last three months I am living legally, and when the time is right I will get my lawyer to work on my American citizenship. We do not know how to properly thank Neelam and her office for helping us. When Jack got back he was very emotional & went first straight over to Ms. Neelam’s office with the best large boxes of specialty sweets from Jordon!  I would just like to say again very big thank –you to Neelam for everything she did for our family.  Of course we highly recommend her office because they are honest and care about their clients.

Huda Abd Alaziz

We would like to have the pleasure to thank Neelam Bhardwaj immigration attorney for helping my husband and I during our processes of the Green Card.  Ms. Bhardwaj and Kelli were very nice, welcoming, patient, professional, and understanding since the first day we’ve been to the office.
Before we made the choice we made visits to other different law offices and we didn’t feel comfortable until we found their office. They know exactly what they’re doing.  Ms. Bhardwaj has excellent reviews on the internet and she’s also well-known at the USCIS office, the officer who interviewed us knew her office. Ms. Bhardwaj helped us file initially for my husband’s green card. When it came time to file the removal of conditions and get my husband his permanent green card, we had Ms. Bhardwaj continue the process. We are lucky as we didn’t have to attend an interview; my husband just received his 10 year green card. We really recommend Neelam Bhardwaj immigration attorney for the outstanding service.
Salim Hussien and Yazmin Abu

I visited The Law Office of Neelam Bhardwaj in June 2014 in regards to getting a green card for my wife and residency in the USA (through consular processing). As of May 2015 my wife is now in the USA. It took less than a year for Neelam and Kelli to work their magic. If you have not attempted to apply for a Visa it is a long and stressful process. Upon hiring Neelam the stress level was no longer an issue for my wife or me. I sent many emails and phone calls to Kelli with many questions and was always greeted professionally and with a quick response. I cannot express how helpful they both were in making this process painless. Although dealing with any government there can always be setbacks and it is very time consuming, Neelam and Kelli made this process happen in a very timely manner. We will always be very appreciative for what Kelli and Neelam did for our family.
William (Bill) and Charina Reeder

I went to attorney Neelam Bhardwaj in January of 2014.  The moment I sat down with her I felt very comfortable and knew she would do her best with getting my fiance at the time here to the U.S.  I can honestly say that I would always come to her office for any questions that I had.  I didn’t know much about the whole process and I always had a lot of questions and was always nervous.  I would call the office and Kelli, Neelam’s assistant, was always there to answer any questions I had.  It seemed like she was dropping everything she had going on just to help me.  I noticed that and will never forget it.  I will always appreciate everything Neelam has done to help me.  When my husband got approved for his visa and he came to the U.S., I went back to Neelam’s office to start the process of filing for my husband’s green card.  Kelli was so helpful once again and the office was willing to work with me as far as payment arrangements.  Neelam and her office went above and beyond to help me and I would recommend this office to anyone with any immigration concerns or questions.
Izo and Emira Duratovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

I was relocated to the United States in 2001 by my employer, Magnussen Home Furnishings (Canada), to open a branch office in Greensboro, NC.   The Law Office of Neelam Bhardwaj helped me attain an L visa in which to work in the U.S. and subsequently Neelam’s office filed a multinational executive petition for me which enabled myself and my family to apply for permanent resident status (green card). My wife and I are currently in the process of filing for our U.S. citizenship and Neelam’s office has been very helpful in the entire process of attaining work visas and guiding us through the application of US citizenship.Neelam and her team have provided a seamless transition in relocation to United States and have taken the guesswork out of the application process.  I would recommend the services of Neelam and her team.
Nathan Cressman (Canada to Greensboro, NC)

My husband and I went to Attorney Neelam Bhardwaj to apply for the hardship Waiver.  We have originally started his case with another attorney, whom after the first step of this immigration process, we did not feel comfortable with. There was a lack of communication and we felt like a number and not a client. When we had our consultation with Mrs. Bhardwaj, she made us feel like a client and not a number. She was very insightful about this new waiver process and explained all the steps that would be involved. We understood clearly and there was no second guessing. Any questions that arose after our case started, her assistant Kelli was very helpful. Kelli goes above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed, answered any questions we had and the best part, you don’t have to wait long. Kelli is very prompt, friendly and professional. My husband was granted his green card in July 2014. I would refer this office to anyone with any immigration concerns or questions.
Misty R. (Mexico to High Point, NC)

I decided to hire Ms. Bhardwaj in 2012 to help with my immigration status.  Right after the first meeting she impressed me and my wife her welcoming character, professional knowledge, and experience.  After carefully looking at my current situation, she filed all the paperwork in January and in a record time in April, my immigration status was fixed. This could not have been done without the help from Ms. Bhardwaj. Also, my special appreciation goes to Ms. Kelli Campbell for her professionalism and patience and for always helping with our matters. One thing I would like to point out is that Ms. Bhardwaj and her team treats her clients like a family. Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I had the chance to work Ms. Bhardwaj and her team and I would strongly recommend her to anyone regardless of what state that may be, because they have the ability to turn the immigration process from a complete nightmare to an enjoyable journey.
Pance K. (Macedonia to Coeburn, VA)

I had heard about Ms. Bhardwaj’s work as she has filed papers for many Ghanaians. I first came to the US as a student and graduated from NC A&T State University with my Masters degree in Plant, Soil and Environmental Science in 2005. Ms. Bhardwaj filed my green card through marriage and there were some complications with my case that she had to handle before we filed and after our interview. I highly recommend her for her professional, yet personal approach. She and her legal assistant Ms. Kelli are just wonderful and will take care of anything that you need. Neelam brings such passion to what she does and her results are amazing. She has been incredibly helpful and generous with me and my American citizen wife.
Asante. T. (Ghana)

Ms. Bhardwaj came highly recommended and I filed my marriage case through her office. I also referred my brother to her so she could help him sponsor his wife from Vietnam. As a client of her office I would like to attest to Neelam’s knowledge of the immigration laws and quality of work she did for me. I felt very secure and confident when working with Neelam in sponsoring my husband to the United States. I would recommend Neelam’s office to anyone seeking this kind of service, aside from her knowledge the staff there is very friendly and receiving. I always feel at ease in knowing that my case is in such good hands.
Vandy C. (Cambodia)

My employment based case had been started by another lawyer but we were worried about the case and we moved our files to Ms. Bhardwaj in 2007. She handled the remainder of our filings and we were approved for our green cards in 2008. I want to express my thanks to her office for my green card. I was so excited when this happened I rushed over to the office with some Starbucks coffee and snacks. Her expertise and kindness in handling everything was invaluable, her work completely professional and effective. I would never hesitate to recommend her office to anyone anywhere who needs assistance with the immigration process.
Jang. M. (Korea)

I hired Ms. Bhardwaj in 2009 to help me with my family based case. I knew from the first day I met her that she would do her very best for my case, she immediately put me at ease and kept me informed throughout. She was very straight forward, attentive, prompt and accommodating to all my case needs. I got positive results surprisingly soon and easily all because of Ms. Bhardwaj and her staff’s good work. For immigration legal services Ms. Bhardwaj is the number one attorney to go to I recommend her over anyone…
Shivani P (India)

I have hired Ms. Bhardwaj law firm to help with various aspects of our immigration filings. In one situation my father’s case (several family based petitions) was a mess until I hired her office – as immigration had lost his file, his response and then denied his petitions that had been pending almost ten years. After reviewing carefully Neelam filed a motion to re-open and contacted the immigration office for follow up, and with strong arguments she achieved the desired results by getting all our petitions approved in six months. My entire family has received their immigrant visas and are now here. Neelam and her staff made this possible for us, our family is reunited after 22 years and we are so thankful to Neelam and her assistant, Kelli. What a wonderful team! I am very confident that Neelam and her team have capabilities to achieve the toughest goals within a reasonable time frame. Her excellent professionalism, punctuality and polite customer service is an added value to her clients. Her honesty and proper advice can be very helpful for complex cases, I highly recommend Ms. Bhardwaj for your immigration issues; you will never go wrong.
Jay Tarasaria (India)

I highly recommend the Neelam Bhardwaj law firm in any and ALL immigration matters. We filed our complicated marriage petition through their office. They are very professional and competent. My special recommendation goes to her legal assistant Kelli for her courteous, prompt knowledge and most helpful assistance in all immigration matters.
Victor G.

I hired Ms. Bhardwaj around 1997/1998 when she took over my file from another lawyer, who recommended her as he was no longer practicing immigration law. If it wasn’t for her competent, excellent hard work in fighting with immigration when they wanted to deny my family based case (after I had been waiting for ten years and had not seen my family for so long) my green card would have never been approved. She gave me courage and never let me lose hope. I didn’t believe it when they finally approved my green card in late 2009, immigration accepted Neelam’s detailed legal arguments after she had appealed my case. Neelam was emotional too when I was finally approved! I went to her office with the best bottle of wine. She inspired me to believe and not give up hope. I am so eternally grateful to her and I’ve told her many times that “thank you” is not enough for what she has done for me and my family, there is no way to properly thank her. Ms. Bhardwaj is very knowledgeable and really cares about her clients and her work and will give you the best, caring service. I really felt like my worries were her worries, that’s how personal she is. Over so many years she has helped many of my relatives and friends in the Italian community here, we all respect and completely trust her advice. If anyone asks for an immigration lawyer I always tell them about the one I highly recommend – Ms. Neelam Bhardwaj.
Pasquali D. (Italy)

Ms. Neelam Bhardwaj has been our immigration lawyer since 1993 when she had just started learning this area! She helped file our green cards and went with us to the long interview in Charlotte, so many years ago – we still appreciate this very much. Later she helped us become U.S. citizens, including my sons. She has filed applications for our niece, so many of our friends and now is helping our bother in law. We would never go to anyone else, we have followed her loyally from three different offices/locations in Greensboro. My wife and I fully recommend her services without any hesitation and we tell everyone we know about her office. I trust her knowledge of immigration laws 100% and I have 100% confidence in her.
Nardali S. (Turkey)

My wife received her green card recently, thank you very much for your help. We could not have gone through this process without you, you made it simple and your advice made the process really fast and as painless as dealing with USCIS can possibly be…

You helped me in the early 1990s, with success, honesty and kindness – through the process of obtaining an employer sponsored resident visa. I now live in Florida but would love to have you represent me for my citizenship…because I absolutely trust your judgment and integrity…

For several years, I had been trying to obtain permanent residency…only after meeting Neelam did I have confidence to proceed, I have complete respect for her professional abilities and ethics…my petition was approved after she assembled a very detailed and comprehensive petition. I was very pleased with the favorable decision which was due to Neelam’s hard work legal expertise and relentless dedication to my case which in my circumstances required a great deal of cajoling on her part…She also offered a great deal of support to my wife in explaining the procedures for which I will always be very grateful. Our company used her services to assist other employees…She is professional, dedicated, efficient and accessible. I had faith in her legal expertise and without hesitation would recommend her services to others…
CEO,Wadkin North America Inc.

What a Godsend you are to hook me up with help like this…”, “Ms. Bhardwaj was very gracious, very clear and unbiased, giving me information I needed thank you for such wonderful service…
Comments from customers at the Women’s Resource Center, Greensboro NC.

I am a Senior Scientist who used Ms. Bhardwaj’s services to obtain my green card. Her advice was pin pointed and clear for me to understand the process which is very complicated and daily changing…We always got effective communications from her office. I would be capable of giving a highly favorable opinion on her professional skill as an immigration lawyer….My friends and colleagues were surprised how smoothly and quickly my process went…
Banner Pharmacaps: Tae Kyoung Kim, Ph.D.

Neelam Bhardwaj successfully helped my employee through the immigration process of H-1B, labor certification, I-140 petition to green card. She was the consummate professional; she explained complex bureaucratic procedures and legal issues in simple language. She was extremely efficient, getting things done in a timely manner and was very thorough and organized with her work. She was always accessible, responding to our questions and needs very quickly. Her fees were reasonable and stated up front. In sum she gave us excellent legal counsel, she was completely knowledgeable about immigration issues she is a straight shooter and impeccably honest.. I enthusiastically recommend her for any immigration work…
Katherine S. Weaver

I looked Neelam up in the phone book in 1999 took a chance called and have no regrets. She has been very responsive to my needs and helped me through a difficult and long journey towards resident status. She returned my calls promptly, boosted my confidence with her knowledge and experience in immigration law and delivered without wiping out my bank account. Thoughtful, I can count on her insight and sound advice. I can recommend this lawyer without reservation..
Dawn Quashie MD

I met Neelam Bhardwaj in 2000 I only had 1.5 years left on my visa after another two lawyers wasted my time doling absolutely nothing…Ms. Bhardwaj saved me! She quickly filed for my labor certification responding quickly to their requests for additional information, filed my immigrant visa petition and lastly green card. She accompanied me to the adjustment interview in Charlotte. She is the best, most reliable immigration attorney I have ever had (and I had several..) She handled my difficult issues and the complex regulations very well, she saved me. She is completely honest and trustworthy…I strongly recommend her to any individual or professional who has an immigration issue…
Niuton Koide MD

In 1993 Ms. Bhardwaj obtained my H-1B visa and in 1997 assisted me with the labor certification and green card application..The outcome of each step was positive and on time according to the projected schedule by Ms. Bhardwaj… She was very professional and services orientated, she was very clear and concise in explaining all steps thoroughly and always returned phone calls promptly….I was quite impressed with her expertise and work ethics and would highly recommend her services…
Stefan Jandler, Systems Engineer, Syngenta Corporation

There are several criteria which are important in selecting a good immigration attorney, the lawyer should conduct immigration law fulltime, should be easily accessible, should explain the process fully, should handle the client’s application in a speedy and proficient manner and should charge a reasonable rate for services…in my opinion Neelam scores highly in each category!
Deyrick Dean, Research Scientist, Amplistar Inc

I met Neelam in 1997 after going through two previous immigration lawyers who basically did nothing except run up exorbitant fees, she was a godsend. She was very thorough and methodical in her approach and made the entire process clearer and less overwhelming from the start. She divided the entire process in stages explaining each stage and billed her fees only after each stage was successfully completed.. She was calm, incredibly organized, professional and most of all confident and reassuring. By having her as my lawyer I managed to obtain my labor cert and green card in three years. I believe my application went smoothly only because Neelam is a consummate professional who knows immigration law like the back of her hand, who keeps current on all the latest immigration rules, is highly organized, conscientious and sincerely devoted to her clients.. There really aren’t words to express what an asset Neelam is to the immigrant community and how very much she is appreciated by all the countless clients whom she has helped.. All I can say is a sincere thank you for all her help and expertise…
Cecilia Ho, Veterinarian, Greensboro, NC

Neelam assisted me with my H-1B and took me through the required steps very carefully and meticulously, she was very professional, very thorough and complete. I retained her office to file for my green card based on the outstanding preference category. Her help and understanding made the process much easier than it is..She was helpful in answering questions, prompt in returning calls, accurate in preparing statements and courteous to all involved in the entire process. As a very satisfied client I would strongly recommend her services, her experience in this area was invaluable to the process…
Masoud Bagheri, Professor/Researcher NC A&T State University

I arrived here on an L-1A visa and when I had to extend my visa I was almost out of status because our existing immigration lawyer did not follow through on our file. In a rush we moved our file to Neelam Bhardwaj with only a few days to go she succeeded in keeping us in status. From the first meeting we were impressed with her knowledge of immigration law and her straightforward approach… A year later she started our green card process, thanks to her professional knowledge and persistence we received our green cards in two years! We have been extremely satisfied with Neelam’s services and we recommend her to anybody that needs assistance with immigration…Neelam is a person of integrity who is committed to her client’s well being and success in relocating to the USA…
Kurt Vermandel, Vice President Medibeg USA, (North Carolina)

I have known Neelam Bhardwaj since 1992 when I needed legal services for my green card…she was monumental in the quick and successful approval of my application, she has consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and an excellent knowledge of the INS and legal immigration process. I have been thoroughly satisfied and have recommended her to several friends, relatives and colleagues/physicians (who have also used her services) all of whom have also been impressed and satisfied with her work. Neelam has constantly exceeded her customer’s expectations while providing her services in a friendly yet professional atmosphere. I would strongly recommend her to anyone in need of good legal immigration services…
Lucien J. Houenou, Phd. M.B.A. Assistant Professor Neurobiology & Anatomy, Wake Forest School of Medicine and President of Incapita, Inc

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