Practice Naturalization Test

When you are applying to become a U.S. citizen, you must submit a written application and take a naturalization test. This test takes the form of an interview with a UCIS officer and covers basic information about U.S. history, traditions, and government. Although the amount of information you will need to learn may seem challenging, many naturalization practice tests are available to assist you. Studying this test and others like it will greatly increase the chance that your application will be accepted. 

What Is Included in the Tests?

The immigration and naturalization tests include both a civics test and an English test. The civics test includes questions about U.S. government, history, geography, and your rights and duties as a citizen. The English test checks your ability to speak, read, and write English. 

A Reliable Practice Naturalization Test

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website provides a variety of resources in different formats to help you prepare and practice for your naturalization tests. By following the link above, you can view and download study materials for the civic and English tests. Occasionally, answers to questions may be updated, so be sure to check the website frequently. 

Civics Practice Test

The civics test is comprised of 100 questions. Although you will only be asked ten questions during your naturalization test, you won’t know in advance which questions will be asked. Therefore, it is important to study well and know the answers to all of the questions. You must correctly answer six of the ten questions in order to pass the test.The USCIS website offers practice materials in a variety of different formats. To assist your studying, choose the format from which you learn best. 
  • Learn about the United States Audio CD (English or Spanish) – Listen to short lessons about U.S. civics. Each lesson includes answers to the questions you will be asked during the immigration and naturalization test.
  • Videos – View videos that discuss U.S. history, civics, and citizens’ rights and responsibilities.
  • Civics Flash Cards (English or Spanish) – Each flash card has a question on one side and an answer on the other side. The flash cards include historical photos. You may use them to quiz yourself, or ask a friend or family member to test you.
  • 100 Civics Questions and Answers (Chinese, English, Spanish) – The official list of questions and answers can be downloaded and printed in Spanish and Chinese. However, remember that it will be administered in English, so it is probably wisest to practice from the English version.
  • Study Booklets – The website offers a standard or pocket-sized booklet about U.S. history and civics which you may download and study.
  • Online Civics Practice Test (English and Spanish) – After you have studied the questions, the USCIS website allows you to test yourself online through the civics naturalization practice test portal.

English Practice Test

Your ability to speak, read, write, and English will greatly affect your eligibility for citizenship. Your answers to questions during the interview will help the interviewer determine if you can speak English. You will be asked to read three sentences aloud and write three sentences that are related to U.S. history and civics. In order to pass, one of the three sentences must be read correctly, and one of the three sentences must be written correctly.As with the civics practice test, materials for the English test are available for download on the USCIS website. Choose materials in the format that help you learn best. 
  • Flash Cards – Download flash cards for the reading and writing tests.
  • Vocabulary List – Access a list of all the words found in the reading and writing tests.
  • Interactive English Practice Tests – Access tests to help you understand the interview and familiarize yourself with the vocabulary for the reading test.
  • Videos – View a video for an overview of the immigration and naturalization interview and learn what to expect during your appointment.
Often, the anxiety and nervousness about an important event can be decreased if you prepare well. The same is true with your immigration and naturalization interview and tests. Use the resources on the USCIS website to help you become confident in your knowledge about U.S. history and civics, and use the practice naturalization test regularly. Asking a friend or family member to test you on the questions can help you be less nervous during your interview.If you need assistance with the process of becoming a U.S. citizen, contact an professional immigration attorney for guidance. 
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