What You Need to Know About Green Card Renewal in Greensboro NC

A “green card”, or more formally permanent residency card is one of the visa categories that can be used as a stepping stone toward US citizenship. The immigration process can be grueling under the new non-immigrant friendly immigration law, but it is well worth the effort to maintain permanent residence status.

A Green Card Renewal in Greensboro NC must be done every 10 years. Under the current immigration system in the United States, it is strongly recommended that you have an experienced immigration lawyer on your side to ensure the process is done right.

Legal representation can ensure that your renewal goes through without any issues and your immigrant rights are protected. It is far easier to hire a trusted Greensboro, NC immigration attorney from the start than it is to have to hire an attorney to file immigration appeals.

Anyone with green cards that are set to expire in the next 6 months should begin the renewal process. The Department of Homeland Security under the current administration does not care what nationality you are they will prosecute any and all undocumented immigrants.

Immigration enforcement in the United States has reached an unheard level of intolerance. Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) has a zero-tolerance for illegal immigration. Undocumented immigrants (which is what you will be labeled without a Green Card Renewal) are at risk in the US every day of being found, charged and deported.

 If you allow your legal status to lapse you will lose employment authorization, face immigration issues, potentially wind up flagged in the immigration system, possibly be detained, wind up in immigration court, and ultimately face deportation. This is not the time to test the immigration laws.

Until there is immigration reform it is best to follow the rules and regulations as closely as possible. Legal services in Greensboro NC that focus on immigration can help to ensure that you are always in line with the requirements.

How to Remain a Lawful Permanent Resident

To maintain your legal status for you and any family members that are green card holders you will need to file the USCIS Form I-90. You can either file by mail (which is risky) or you can file the form online (which is the preferred method). It is strongly suggested that you begin the filing process for Green Card Renewal in Greensboro NC at the 6-month point BEFORE expiration.

Once the petitions are filed online you will get a receipt number as proof of the filing.  Typically the receipt number is issued within 72 hours of filing the petition. The petitioner (you and your family) will then have to wait for a biometrics gathering appointment.

At the appointment fingerprints and photos will be taken of all petitioners at a specific time, date and place.  It is vital that you keep this appointment. If you do not keep your biometrics appointment you are at risk of having your petition denied and will have to deal with immigration proceedings to reopen your application.

If all goes well you will receive your Green Card Renewal in about 6-8 months.

Why Would My Green Card Renewal in Greensboro NC Be Denied?

There is only a hand full of reasons that your Green Card renewal would be denied. Those reasons include:

  • A criminal conviction
  • Not using the right form
  • Lying on your renewal application
  • Incorrect information on your renewal form

A criminal conviction is one of the quickest ways to get your Green Card Renewal denied, however, there are some convictions like for a DUI that will not impact your renewal application but will impact your ability to apply for citizenship.

It is important that you meet with immigration attorneys before you file your form. If you have any issues like a criminal charge, it is best to address the problem with a seasoned immigration lawyer. Immigration legal services can help with potential reasons for denial.

What Happens If My Green Card Renewal In Greensboro NC is Denied?

If your petition is denied there is no way that any immigration lawyers can appeal that denial, but you can avoid deportation proceedings by having a high skilled immigration attorney request to reopen the case.

You will maintain permanent residents status while the case is under adjudication (decision-making process). If it was a simple error on the form than immigration service will understand and the corrections can be made, and you will likely be awarded the Green Card renewal.

If there is something other than a form error, your attorney that is expert at immigration policies can represent you in the matter. Your attorney will help you to know your rights and prepare you for the potential outcomes.

What Happens if I Lose My Green Card?

If you have lost, misplaced, or your Green Card was destroyed, you will have to go through the same process as if you were filing for a Green Card Renewal in Greensboro NC. You must have a Green Card to prove your immigration status or risk removal proceedings.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that under any of the following circumstances you reapply through citizenship and immigration for a new Green Card:

  • Your previous card was lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed
  • Your card was issued to you before you were 14 and you have reached your 14th birthday (unless your card expires before your 16th birthday)
  • You have been a commuter and are now taking up actual residence in the United States
  • You have been a permanent resident residing in the United States and are now taking up commuter status
  • Your status has been automatically converted to permanent resident status (this includes Special Agricultural Worker applicants who are converting to permanent resident status)
  • You have a previous version of the alien registration card (e.g., USCIS Form AR-3, Form AR-103 or Form I-151 – all no longer valid to prove your immigration status) and must replace it with a current green card
  • Your card contains incorrect information
  • Your name or other biographic information on the card has been legally changed since you last received your card
  • You never received the previous card that was issued to you by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

To maintain your status and for you and your family to continue as lawful permanent residents it is important to follow the immigration policy.

Conditional Resident Renewal

If your immigration status is as a “conditional resident” you have a 2 year Green Card you DO NOT use Form 1-90 when your green card is about to expire. For conditional residents, the right form is Form I-751 which is a Petition to remove conditions.

This process begins 90 days (3 months) before the conditional green card expires. It is strongly recommended that you have an attorney that is an expert in immigration law to help you with the process.

Get Help With Your Green Card Renewal In Greensboro NC and Other Immigration Needs

USCIS is unforgiving when it comes to errors and omissions, don’t risk your immigration status. It is important that you have an experienced immigration lawyer on your side. Contact us today to learn more about the Green Card renewal process and your other immigration questions.

Find out why we’re one of the top immigration lawyers in Greensboro. Let us help you today!

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