Services You Can Expect an Immigration Lawyer To Offer in Greensboro, NC

Various circumstances, both personal and professional, may warrant you working with an immigration attorney. If you have been looking for an “immigration lawyer near me” and came across the Greensboro Law Offices of Neelam Bhardwaj, it’s likely because you were searching for help with one of the many legal matters we regularly handle here.

Our Greensboro, NC immigration firm handles personal and corporate cases. So, whether you’re personally motivated to come to the United States to live alongside family members, join your American fiance, as an asylum seeker, or work, we can help. We also support companies here in North Carolina and nationwide wishing to hire from abroad. 

Let’s delve deeper into specifics regarding the immigration legal services we provide here.

Personal Immigration Services Offered

If you searched online for an “immigration lawyer,” you likely found that a small handful of attorneys specialize in this practice area here in Greensboro, NC. Few, if any, have three decades of experience exclusively handling immigration cases. Even fewer are immigrants like their clients. Having a personal understanding of what it’s like to be an immigrant and decades of experience in handling immigration cases is what sets the Law Offices of Neelam Bhardwaj apart from the pack. 

Our Greensboro immigration law practice regularly handles a variety of personal immigration to the United States matters, such as:

Visa Services

U.S. Immigration Attorney Services

Some of the U.S. immigration visas we help clients obtain include:

  • Preference immigrant visas: These give a foreign national, such as sons and daughters, priority status to request visas to come to join their U.S. green card holder or American citizen family members in this country
  • Fiance visas: The K-1 visa may allow an American engaged to someone abroad to bring their future spouse to the U.S., provided they intend to get married within 90-days of their arrival here
  • “Green card lottery” visas: The U.S. government sets quotas for how many individuals and from what specific countries can come to the U.S. every year. Those wishing to qualify for the visa lottery can enter their name on a list and be randomly selected to come to live here and receive green cards as space allows.
  • Student visas: Two student visa types include the F-1 and M-2, each with its own set of requirements prospective applicants must meet qualifying requirements to study in the U.S.
  • Asylum seekers and refugees: Individuals who have been displaced by conflict, are being subjected to political, religious, and other types of persecution, or who are living in a country experiencing extreme financial turmoil or civil unrest may be eligible to apply for either asylum or refugee status to come live in the U.S.

In the case of the latter, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has been in place since 2012, allowing individuals from an ever-evolving list of countries to come to this country, receive a work permit, and receive deferred action from deportation for a set amount of time.

Adjustment of Immigration Status Services

We regularly aid our Greensboro clients wishing to apply for a change of lawful status, which involves applying to change their nonimmigrant status. The Law Offices of Neelam Bhardwaj regularly help individuals seeking permanent residency. We also help any legal permanent resident in North Carolina pursue United States citizenship through naturalization. You will need to take the naturalization test as part of this process.

Corporate Immigration Services Offered

Our immigration services aren’t solely limited to personal matters. Our Greensboro, NC firm’s immigration lawyers also have extensive experience working with corporations nationwide that want to hire talent from abroad. Over the years, we’ve helped skilled professionals and corporations acquire some of the following types of employment-oriented visas:

  • P-1 visas: These work visas allow entertainers and athletes entry to the U.S. for a specific event, such as an athletic competition, exhibition, or concert
  • E-2 visas: Individuals from more than 30 countries may be eligible for this investment type of business visa, which allows them to come here and open up an office
  • H-1B visas: The h1b-visa is reserved for individuals planning to work in the engineering or health care fields
  • H-2 visas: These employment-based visas are reserved for those looking to come to the U.S. on a temporary visa for limited-time work in the non-agricultural sector
  • O-1 visas: This visa class allows those with “outstanding” skills, which hold an occupation such as chef, artist, or athlete, for example, to come to the U.S. temporarily

The list above is far from an exhaustive list of every immigrant visa type. Individuals or corporations may apply for plenty of other employment-related visas depending on their circumstances. 

For example, there is a B-1 visa that allows residents of dozens of countries to come to the U.S. temporarily to negotiate a contract, attend a professional conference, or for another work function. Certain conditions apply to this visa waiver program.

As is the case with an investor visa, there are other types of visas that have net-worth or financial support requirements. There are also other restrictions, such as that you must be of good moral character and complete a medical-examination to qualify to come to the U.S. Your failure to meet these requirements may make you ineligible to submit a visa application.

It can be helpful to first consult with an attorney at the Law Offices of Neelam Bhardwaj to confirm which visa is most appropriate based on your country, the nature of your trip to the U.S., and your long-term immigration goals. 

While our law firm can help individuals and corporations looking for an immigration lawyer near them in Greensboro, NC, federal law authorizes those attorneys specializing in our practice area to service clients nationwide. Those same laws also permit us to help anyone planning to come to the United States, no matter where they live worldwide. 

Contact our legal team with any U.S. immigration questions you may have. We can provide reliable information, so you know how to proceed with your plans. 

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